HI-FI: Highly Interactive & Fully Immersive solutions

Immersive Learning is a word that has created a lot of buzz in recent years. It is however quite easy to misunderstand fundamental interactive and participative learning as immersive learning.
Through our HiFi programs, participation and learning gradually evolves in an immersive environment, where you're not playing a series of disconnected games but you are engaged in one or two life-like scenarios which have many separate and disparate components to it. It's a simulation of sorts -based on your actions, you discover key information that has the potential of changing the way you handle the situation.
Moreover, while you evolve your strategy and approach on how to handle the situation based on your understanding of it, the scenario is also evolving based on several external influencers. We place people and outcomes at the center of content-driven experiences. Let’s look at some of our most widely recognized programs.


TIE-BRAKE …converting workplaces into sports arenas!
Applying SPORTS for Structure, Skills & Sustainability at work!

TIE-BRAKE lets you discover, understand and build on the answers to these questions, and much more, through a highly engaging sports driven experiential program. TIE-BRAKE is the only program of its kind, that, as the name suggests, is about giving you a “BREAK”, where you get to play a very stimulating game, through which specific outcomes or goals can be addressed! Program features:

Program features:

  • An immersive learning format: Identify & build up on mental processes which manage, guide and direct other mental processes
  • MyndCode Report: a comprehensive pre-to-post program assessment on mental processes
  • Skills, morale & outcome report: in-game observations, post-session assessments
  • Staged situations: Participants are continuously engrossed in facing situations that they typically find uncomfortable handling, thereby, challenging them to make decisions that stimulate new responses Benefits to participants

Program features:

  • Know & build on your TEN mental patterns: motivation, action, thinking, orientation, learning, etc
  • Identify, understand & develop specific mental abilities that drive personal & professional outcomes
  • Identify individual triggers of fears, limiting beliefs, and develop strategies to overcome them
  • Know how to stay in the “ZONE”
  • Discover your “sport” style at work, home and in general!
  • NOT to be mistaken for typical team building games & activities!

Who will benefit from this program?

  • People Managers, Project Managers, Seniors Executives
  • New managers, new employees

Key traits/topics addressed:

  • Negotiation | Self esteem | | Gender sensitivity
  • Leveraging diversity | Time management | Presentation skills
  • Strategy & Planning | Trust | Empathy | Positive thinking |
  • Goal orientation | Leadership skills | Collaboration| Ethics Situational leadership | Conflict Management Duration:
  • 1 day, 12-16 participants; even numbered group size