About Us

ka.lei.do.scope: kalos (beautiful) + eidos (form) + scopeο (shape) Synonymous with change, new dimensions, self-reflection & vibrancy

Kaleidoscope is a technology-leveraged innovation consulting and performance enhancement organization, built with the primary objective of equipping individuals, institutions & businesses across the globe with the skills and tools to achieve specific goals in an easy and effective manner.
Our comprehensive human empowerment initiatives integrate exclusive focus on research, customized content, technology and expertise in solving challenges of individuals and organizations everywhere.
Our approach is driven by our core philosophy of personal & professional excellence and all our work is rooted in our values, as reflected in the set of practices outlined below:

  • we partner with organizations & individuals to build their capability to successfully transform their aspirations, objectives and goals through experiential learning
  • we enable our partners to plan, innovate and create value by immersing participants in an active and shared learning environment
  • we leverage emerging technologies and best-in-class solutions to transform knowledge into experience to create a more engaging learning experience
  • we work directly with clients in both event-driven and long-term scenarios to help develop workforce skills, drive operational improvement, and apply new working methods

Our Mission

To create greater standards of excellence, by encouraging individuals & businesses to think and act beyond existing views and limits in their personal & professional lives.

Our Values

To work from the approach of being a catalyst for change; with a viewpoint based on individuals or businesses, who need to access resources to reach their respective goals.

Our Vision

To provide a technology enabled platform for individuals & businesses to reach their desires & with performance enhancing solutions available to them “on-demand”.

Key Services and Solutions

Immersive Learning and Development

  • L&D services for corporate      houses, businesses, academic      institutions
  • Simulated learning programs
  • Outbound / off-site programs
  • In-house workshops
  • Blended learning programs
  • Certification programs
  • Train-the-trainer

  • Business Consulting

  • Innovation & Development
  • Outsourcing & Off shoring
  • Business Unit/ Profit Center      Management
  • Corporate/ Marketing/ Brand      Strategy
  • Transition & Account      Management
  • Project Management Training
         & Delivery

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Executive coaching
  • 1-1 Phone coaching
  • Coach certification
  • Coach and mentor supervision
  • Coaching & Mentoring set-up in      corporate houses

  • Sports Performance Management

  • ‘Champion-Mindset’ coaching
  • 1-1, group & team coaching
  • Mind-coaching to sports      persons, athletes, coaches,      parents & administrators
  • Performance Management
  • Results based mentoring &      coaching
  • Journey/Facts

    We provide a technology enabled platform for individuals & businesses to reach their desires & aspirations through performance enhancing solutions available to them “on-demand”.


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    Partner With Us

    Partnership is a key component of our success and to us it means combined and increased impact, innovation or influence. Our ability to work at scale with partners places us in a unique position to develop new thinking and new methods to deliver to and achieve individual or business needs.

    We are open to mutually beneficial alliances in the field of learning, consulting and coaching.
    Our flexible partnership programs are ideal for:

    1. Training organizations:
       - who have specialized or niche services and wish to get more visibility and business growth
       - who wish to include our portfolio of services to their current services

    2. Independent consultants:
       - trainers, facilitators, teachers, professionals, sportspersons, consultants and coaches who are working independently or on freelance basis and want to get
         empanelled with us
       - who wish to conduct open workshops using our flagship programs and services

    3. Channel partners:
       - individuals, start-ups, SMB/E firms or organizations that wish to boost their product portfolio or explore new territories with the diverse and unique programs
         and solutions we offer.

    As a channel partner, you will get a dedicated Account Manager who will analyse your business requirements and work with you to develop a plan in sync with your desired channel goals. The support includes directing you in sales, building a clientele and growing the client base.